Schools is Closed for the Year

During the last ten days of my mom’s life at home, we all silently prayed that God would take her.  Each day when Nurse Amanda came to check my mom’s vitals, I hoped that she would tell us that it was THE day.  It was so strange; I was wishing for my mom to die.  … Continue reading

Please Don’t “At Least” Me

If I had to choose one well-known voice who has helped me to make decisions or make sense of my decisions, good and bad, it would be Brené  Brown.  My girlfriends tease me because of how often I quote her work; they have even pinpointed my Brené buzzwords: connection, shame, boundaries, and empathy.  Truly, those … Continue reading

March 16, 2020 (COVID-19)

It’s 8:00 on Monday morning, and I should be starting my first period class right now. My dual enrollment English class filled with juniors and seniors should be gathered in a circle for our seminar discussion on Feminist theory.  However, school is closed.  My children are still in bed, and most of my students likely … Continue reading

When the Shoe Drops

I’m not sure which shoe drop changed it all for me, but one of them hit me so hard that I wonder now if my feelings are so fried that I cannot discern one emotion from another.  I wonder what or if I feel at all. For the last month, I have been online reading … Continue reading

Back to School

It is the eve of my first day of school as a teacher for the first time in thirteen years. I have been too busy, too frantic, too scattered to compose a cohesive typical blog; however, one of the last things my mother told me before she died was that I need to keep writing. … Continue reading

Three Years Later

There have been a lot of tragic news stories in the last few months.   Daily, across my news feed, are stories of devastation in the form of modern terrorism against the innocent, like the teenage concert goers in Manchester or the tourists and locals on the London Bridge.  I see the suffering on social media, … Continue reading

May without Mom

I often work in my children’s school, so it’s pretty common that I will pass them in the hall.  My twelve year old is at the top of the food chain, a sixth grader in the building.  When he sees me, he gives me a quick head nod and looks away as quickly as possible … Continue reading

The Call

Dear friend, I heard you got the call today, the call that everyone gets, eventually.   I bet you could tell me the weather outside of your window, what you were wearing, and where you were standing at the time when that voice on the other end of your line drained all the color from … Continue reading

Grateful for the Greasy Stove

Caked on grime that I can’t scrub clean, Layers of splattering, sizzling grease crusted on corners are Boiled over dinners, Forgotten frying From moments too good to leave. Being present, Dancing to just One more song And running around the sofa, Stopping to spin me One more time.   The crumbs in the unreachable crevices … Continue reading

Cake Candles

Cake Candles

I am approaching birthday season in my house, my youngest son on January 25th, my oldest on February 14th, and my husband on March 24th.  My youngest is turning 10, officially entering double digits.  He announced the other day that he wasn’t going to blow out any candles on his cake this year, because if … Continue reading